Edinburgh Community Solar fits out its 30th public building

It is hoped the installation on the roof of the city council’s Waverley Court HQ will generate enough to power 41 homes for a year

Installation of rooftop solar PV panels on Waverley Court, the HQ of Edinburgh Council, is almost complete, marking Edinburgh Community Solar’s 30th solar installation on public buildings around the city. 

The co-op, which has 540 members and works to put in place renewable energy and low carbon sources, is currently working on projects funded by its ‘Phase 2’ 2020 public share offer. Waverley Court is the sixth public building to be fitted with community-owned solar under the funding round.

Delivered in partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council, the co-op’s first public share offer in 2015 enabled the installation of solar on 24 council and Edinburgh Leisure buildings across the city. 

Last year the amount of renewable energy generated from the scheme was 866,405.78 kWh – enough to power 282 homes for a year.

Following its second successful share offer, a further six installations have been added to the portfolio with Waverley Court being the largest.  The 160.46 kW installation on Waverley Court is anticipated to generate approximately 128,005 kWh per year; enough to power 41 homes for a year. 

Waverley Court

Surplus profits will be reinvested locally through the society’s Community Benefit Fund.

Council leader, Cllr Adam McVey, said: “We’re really pleased to be working in partnership with the Solar Co-operative on the installation and running of solar panels on council buildings. This is funded by community share offers and is a fantastic way we’ve been able to connect with residents who want to help tackle climate change.

“As well as supplying clean electricity to the council buildings the panels have helped reduce the council’s carbon emissions, supporting our target of net zero emissions by 2030.

“Additionally, the panels generate revenue which is put to good use through the community benefit fund by supporting new sustainable energy projects across the city.”

Lesley Hinds, chair of the co-op, added: “Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative are delighted to once again work in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council.  The support from the Edinburgh community and beyond by investing in our share offer shows their commitment to reduce the carbon footprint in Edinburgh. 

“Waverley Court is the first building to be installed in the city centre and will be a visible beacon for renewable energy in Edinburgh.”

ECSC hopes to add more buildings to its portfolio later in the year, which could result in a further share offer.