Co-operative Press is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed and elected by Members. The current board comprises:

David Paterson (chair, representing organisation members (Scotmid))
Elaine Dean (vice-chair, representing organisation members (Central))
Barbara Rainford (representing organisation members (Midcounties))
Phil Hartwell (representing Co-operatives UK)
Shaz Rhaman (representing individual members)
Theresa Vaughan (representing individual members)
Gillian Lonergan (co-opted for institutional knowledge)
Sofy Crew (Representing the Co-op Group)
Laura Manston (Representing the Co-op Group)
Denise Scott-McDonald (Representing the Co-op Group)

For any queries or to contact the board, please contact Richard Bickle, Society Secretary: [email protected].

Our Treasurer is Chris Pilkington: [email protected].

Directors are appointed and elected on the following basis.

(a) Three Directors appointed by the Co-operative Group Limited.
(b) One Director appointed by Co- operatives UK Limited.
(c) Three Directors elected by and from organisation Members
(d) Two Directors elected by and from individual Members.
(e) One Director elected by and from organisation Members registered outside the United Kingdom.
The Board may also appoint up to two independent non-executive directors, selected for their particular skills, knowledge or experience.

Elected Directors serve for terms of three years, for a maximum of nine years, with elections taking place every three years. Our most recent elections took place in 2023.