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Will co-op housing be on the main parties’ agendas?

With the UK's housing crisis continuing to worsen, the co-op and community-led model offers a possible…

Members’ money: UK retail societies and withdrawable share capital

From their earliest beginnings, co-operatives were set up to meet the needs of people, not to…

Reflections on the 3rd co-operative principle

Jean-Louis Bancel shares his view on the 3rd co-operative principle

Key takeaways from Romania’s Enterprising for Tomorrow conference

The conference featured 36 Romanian and European speakers

Nationwide plan to buy Virgin Money divides analysts and members

The £2.9bn deal would mark an expansion for the UK mutuals sector – but some of…

Can co-ops beat the cash crisis threatening the UK’s regions?

Campaigns from Cles, Co-operatives UK, Save Birmingham and the Co-op Party are calling for new models…

Co-ops and disability: New ways to meet people’s needs

Researcher Steve Graby organised an event bringing together representatives of the co-op and disabled people's movements

Andrew Bibby draws lessons from the legacy of co-operative housing

Natalie Bradbury interviews the co-op writer about his new book, These Houses Are Ours, which uncovers…

Challenges for consumer co-ops: Rethinking economic value and communication

Campaigns on fairness, climate change and broken markets are 'call back to co-operation’s radical roots', says…

Cooperatives and USA Black History Month: ‘Co-op History is Black History’

A look back on how the New Economy Coalition has marked Black History Month in the…

New Zealand’s leadership change – and what it means for co-ops

'What we need is a brave government and leadership to come in and be prepared to…

SEWA sets out priorities for women’s co-ops ahead of national policy for sector

Key policy asks in the federation's Delhi declaration include simplifying the registration process for women's co-ops