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UK co-operative and social economy sector responds to election result

Statements of support to deliver Labour's pledge to double co-op economy have been shared

Record number of Co-op MPs in Westminster after Labour landslide

Over 40 Co-op MPs were elected in the 4 July General Election

Co-operation: a tool for the next government?

Cliff Mills, a co-operative consultant with Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP, on how can co-operation contribute to…

Labour business lead talks up hopes for boosting co-op sector

Jonathan Reynolds reiterated Labour’s plans to double the size of the co-op and mutual economy

Labour Manifesto maintains pledge to double the size of the UK co-op economy

Co-ops are also included in the party’s plans to drive home-grown energy production

Co-op and mutual leaders call for political support as UK election looms

Sector leaders have written to the main party leaders, urging them to put the business model…

Canadian government allocates $1.5bn to co‑op housing scheme

Co-designed with sector apex CHF Canada, it is the country's largest investment in building new co-op…

Romania and Spain to strengthen co-operation on social economy

'I want Romania to take over the good practices from Spain in the field of social…

Will co-op housing be on the main parties’ agendas?

With the UK's housing crisis continuing to worsen, the co-op and community-led model offers a possible…

Labour and Co-operative parties welcome general election announcement

The UK will head to the polls on 4 July

Retail co-ops call for level playing field ahead of EU elections

Euro Coop wants legislators to take account of the barriers co-operatives often face compared to traditional…

Co-ops included in report on future of the EU single market

The European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives welcomed some of the report's recommendations