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NCBA Clusa and Kenyan Co-ops sign MoU to boost coffee sector

The MoU aims to sustainably grow the Kenyan coffee sector

Moroccan government adopts plan to preserve argan trees through co-ops

As global demand for argan oil grows, there are concerns over the impact of climate change,…

Co-ops of the Americas championed at UN FAO conference

ACI Americas has signed an agreement with Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) to leverage access to new…

Co-op Bank of Kenya tops customer satisfaction survey

The bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the region

UKSCS conference looks at principle 6 and ways to build a co-op ecosystem

The event included updates on worker co-ops, accounting, building societies and the UKSCS's own journal

Cocoa co-ops in Ghana join forces

83 cocoa co-op unions are coming together to form the new association

Lessons from Fairtrade International’s living income for farmers strategy

'Based on this project, our farmers now have a better understanding of the costs and income…

World Fair Trade Organization launches AI-powered sustainability platform

The tool will support SMEs around the world looking to reduce their environmental impact

USAid co-op development programme launches in Madagascar

The Cooperative Ecosystem and Social Inclusion project will be implemented from October 2023 to September 2028,…

How a coffee co-op united a community – and was reborn after a leadership crisis

'We love this story of multiple faiths helping each other, moving beyond personal beliefs'

Cross-border traders finding strength in co-operatives

The co-op model offers protection and chance to pool resources for women trading between Rwanda and…

Researchers meet in Johannesburg to discuss co-ops and the solidarity economy

The conference was preceded by a co-operative study tour