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Co-ops and mutuals in Australia show significant growth

The sector ‘has shown it can be globally competitive while ensuring profits and values remain’

Lessons in leadership and growth from Singapore co-ops

Sng Ler Jun reports from a recent forum led by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation

Global movement celebrates UN International Day of Co-operatives

This year's theme is 'Cooperative build a better future for all'

Pauline Green on politics, democracy and the future of co-operation

'We’re sort of mainstream, but not enough - there’s still people who don’t understand what a…

Greens include co-ops and mutual banks in small business charter

Regional mutual banks would be capitalised through a Co-operative Development Fund, says the party

Cooperatives Europe elects new president

Petar Stefanov has laid out his 12 pillars for the development of the European co-op movement

Unlocking the ‘Missing Middle’: Lessons from Europe’s housing co-ops

Melina Morrison, from Australian co-op apex BCCM, talks about a recent fact-finding tour of Copenhagen, Vienna…

Top 100 co-ops in France have a joint turnover of €286bn 

The sector has a joint turnover of €286bn, 30.8m members and 914,747 employees

West Midlands Ownership Hub launches with initial focus on creative sector

Newly elected Labour/Co-op mayor Richard Parker will work with sector bodies on the regional ownership hub,…

NCBA Clusa launches $15m food security project with Timor Leste

The project will work with 27 farmers’ groups in the municipalities of Aileu, Ainaro, Dili and…

Co-ops included in report on future of the EU single market

The European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives welcomed some of the report's recommendations

Key takeaways from Romania’s Enterprising for Tomorrow conference

The conference featured 36 Romanian and European speakers