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NCBA Clusa launches plastic recycling project to protect seas of Ecuador

The Usaid-funded project will use circular economy solutions to reduce marine plastic pollution around Manabí province…

Breaking down the barriers: Co-ops UK calls for evidence to lobby for change

'“Everywhere we look, we find polices and processes created solely with companies in mind ... Now it…

Singaporean parliament amends Co-operative Societies Act 

The country's co-ops welcomed the change, which allow them to use their reserves to pay dividends

Future Economy Alliance launches its Business Plan for Britain

The report includes a number of co-ops as examples of how a future economy could look

Can co-ops beat the cash crisis threatening the UK’s regions?

Campaigns from Cles, Co-operatives UK, Save Birmingham and the Co-op Party are calling for new models…

Registrations open for Canada’s national co-operative Congress

This year's event, marking anniversaries for Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada and the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council,…

Cooperatives Europe announces policy priorities for the European elections

Co-ops help build 'the social and economic fabric of a country and must be recognised in…

Applications open for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada scholarships

The scholarships honour Canadian co-operative pioneers, with applictions open till the end of the month

Co-op Futures joins project to boost social economy in Oxford

'We are planning to train and work alongside local social entrepreneurs and community members, so that…

Australia’s Bunya Fund for co-op development opens for new applications

BCCM says the fund 'plays a pivotal role in supporting a range of projects that embody…

Co-operatives UK co-helms scheme to boost social economy in Greater Manchester

Backed by regional mayor Andy Burnham, the project will launch a new co-op, Our Business, to…

West Midlands Ownership Hub to launch in May

The hub will focus on the arts and culture sector