Co-operative Development Scotland launches inclusive economy podcasts

The enterprise body has created the series to show how co-ops and EO models can help in the recovery from Covid-19

Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS), the arm of Scottish Enterprise which promotes company growth through employee ownership and co-ops, has launching a unique series of podcasts on inclusive business models.

The Reset and Rebuild Podcast series is free to download and subscribe to on Apple Podcasts and all other major providers such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play and SoundCloud, and  can also be accessed via the CDS blog site.

Featuring speakers from across Scotland and hosted by CDS head Clare Alexander, the podcasts have been produced to support CDS’s campaign to showcase the role inclusive business models can play in the post-Covid economic recovery.

The first episode features Jamie Hepburn MSP, minister for business, fair work and skills, alongside Darah Zahran from CDS, introducing the models looking at how they can help the the Scottish government create a fairer, stronger and more democratic economy.

Mr Hepburn said: “Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the global economy and Scotland, like all countries, has been deeply affected. This forces us not just to respond in the immediate term, but also to make choices about the sort of economy we want to have and to focus our efforts on building back fairer and stronger. I strongly believe that inclusive business models, such as co-operatives and employee ownership, are a part of that solution.”

Clare Alexander added: “With thoughts turning to economic recovery, we’ve produced this series of podcasts, aimed at businesses, communities, policy makers and the wider eco system, to highlight the critical role inclusive business models can play in helping to implement and ensure the creation of a fairer and more democratic economic alternative.

“This is an opportunity to not simply go back to how things were, but to address many of the deep-seated and structural challenges that our country faces in order to build back stronger and ensure an inclusive, resilient and more equal wellbeing economy for Scotland. We want to energise businesses and communities in Scotland to consider inclusive business models and encourage them to connect with us to find out more.

“We’ve managed to secure some fantastic speakers for the podcasts, from a range of industries and representing different ownership models, so there truly is something for everyone. We are incredibly passionate about these models and their contribution to both the communities and sectors in which they operate as well as the wider Scottish economy and would really encourage any business owners reviewing their options to find out more.”

Episodes are as follows:

  • Episode 1: An introduction to Inclusive Business Models with guests Jamie Hepburn MSP, Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, and Darah Zahran, Team Leader at CDS.
  • Episode 2: Achieving a Fairer Economy Through Employee Ownership with guests Glen Dott, Specialist Advisor at CDS, and Jude Barber, Director at employee-owned firm Collective Architecture.
  • Episode 3: Achieving a Fairer Economy Through Community Business with guests Jaye Martin, Specialist Advisor at CDS, Morven Lyon, Programme Manager at Community Shares Scotland, and Chris Cowcher, Head of Community Business at Plunkett.
  • Episode 4: Achieving a Fairer Economy Through Collaboration with guests Jaye Martin, Specialist Adviser at CDS, and Neil Young, a co-ordinator at P4P – Partnership for Procurement.