Co-op retailers raise money for floods and hurricane appeal

Midcounties, Central England and Heart of England have joined donors including the Co-op Bank, the Co-op Group, CASE, Leeds Environmental Design Associates and Co-op Culture

Co-operative retailers continue to raise money for victims of the floods affecting South-East Asia and those impacted by the hurricanes striking the Caribbean.

The Midcounties Co-operative announced it had raised a total of £11,000 for the co-op reconstruction fund being co-ordinated by Co-operatives UK while the Central England Co-operative will also be donating 10,000 to the appeal, and Heart of England Co-op £5,000.

“As a member of Co-operatives UK and the International Co-operative Alliance, Midcounties fully supports the long-term co-operative reconstruction in the most affected areas. In response to these disasters our members, colleagues and customers have pulled together to fundraise across our trading sites to help those in need.

“The £11,000 raised for the co-op reconstruction fund will be distributed to the most affected areas by the International Co-operative Alliance. We hope our contribution will be of some help to those who have been affected by these terrible events,” read a statement on the Midcounties Co-operative’s website.

The emergency fund will be distributed to co-operatives on the ground in the affected areas to help them rebuild.

Central England’s board also issued the following statement: “After seeing the devastating and life-changing impact of the Southeast Asia floods and hurricanes across the Caribbean, everyone at involved with Central England Co-operative knew we had to support Co-operatives UK’s emergency appeal.

“This is why, as a Board, we have agreed to donate £10,000, which will be used by the International Co-operative Alliance to support co-operative development on the ground in the most heavily impacted areas.

“The money will be put towards helping with the rebuilding and reconstruction of communities and providing sustainable and long-term support.”

Heart of England Co-op has pledged £5,000 from its Helping Hearts scheme. Chief executive Ali Kurji said: “The recent disasters have had a devastating effect – wiping out lives, homes and livelihoods.

“In the spirit of mutual aid every penny donated from the UK’s co-operative movement will enable our counterparts in South East Asia and the Caribbean to help those affected by these tragedies to start again – rebuilding their lives and communities over the long term.”

The Co-op Group has also donated £50,000 to the fund. Other co-ops and supporting organisations have also made donations, including the Co-operative Bank, CASELeeds Environmental Design Associates and Co-op Culture.