Radstock Co-operative sponsors free family arts festival

‘The arts can often seem out of reach for many from less privileged backgrounds. A free event open for residents of all ages breaks down those barriers’

Radstock Co-op is sponsoring a stage at a free local arts festival taking place on 4 June at St Nicholas Church field in Radstock.

The family-friendly arts festival will involve live performances, stalls, food and creative workshops, to bring the community together and celebrate the platinum jubilee.

Locals have been asked to share their stories and memories of Radstock and the surrounding areas, which are inspiring some of the walkabout acts at the festival.

The event is organised by arts and health charity Creativity Works, in partnership with Youth Connect South West, the Natural Theatre Company and Age UK Bath & North East Somerset.

Creativity Works’ marketing and communications director Morwhenna Woolcock said: “Radstock and the surrounding area has had a long tradition of holding outdoor arts festivals and this year, it is about reviving that tradition and celebrating the platinum jubilee at the same time.”

The community stage, sponsored by Radstock Co-op, will showcase local talent including young singers and rappers from the area. 

“Because of the help from the Radstock Co-op, we have been able to provide a professional stage for the community to perform on,” said Ms Woolcock.

As well as funding the community stage, Radstock Co-op will be feeding all of the festival’s crew and volunteers on the day. 

It is the biggest local event that the retail society has sponsored, and it are “delighted to be involved”, says the co-op’s Nikki D’Ovidio.

Supporting a community festival such as this aligns closely with the co-op’s values and principles, she added. “The arts can often seem out of reach for many from less privileged backgrounds. As a free event open for residents of all ages this breaks down those barriers, especially in this current climate. 

“More than that, this festival will be an opportunity to bring people together from all walks of life, encouraging and promoting diversity, where everyone can enjoy the amazing display of talented local people and have some fun.”