Future Economy Alliance is running crowdfunder for general election campaign

The alliance wants to ‘cut through the political noise with a bold message … that we can build a new economy where all of society profits’

The Future Economy Alliance (FEA) – a group of purpose-led businesses, activists and third-sector organisations campaigning for economic reform – has launched a crowdfunder to support its messaging during the upcoming election campaign.

FEA – which includes Community Energy England, Co-operatives UK, Cwmpas, the Employee Ownership Association, Locality, Plunkett UK, Power to Change, Social Enterprise England and Social Enterprise Scotland – says it is “gearing up for an exciting campaign stunt to grab the attention of our leaders and cut through the political noise with a bold message of change and hope: that we can build a new economy where all of society profits.

“We’re working with a creative agency to really bring our campaign to life, and anything you can donate will help make our message heard in the corridors of power.”

Actions could include “billboards all over the UK to skywriting above Parliament or taking over Westminster tube station”, it adds. “We’re planning the best possible tactics to make sure our leaders won’t be able to miss this.”

FEA added: “Our economy shapes our world, creating prosperity and opportunity but also some of our greatest challenges. Inequalities are rising, divisions are deepening, and the climate crisis is growing. Trains are cancelled, rivers are polluted, people are having to choose between heating and eating – while the companies behind these vital services record huge profits. Our local councils are going bankrupt, our high streets are empty, and our NHS is on its knees. Nothing works any more.

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“At the heart of this is a broken system. Do we work for the economy, or does the economy work for us? ‘Business as usual’ isn’t working – so let’s change it. Let’s unleash the power of business to benefit people and planet. Let’s build a stronger, fairer, greener economy where all of society profits. Let’s fix our future.”

The crowdfunder has 14 days to run and has so far raised more than £36,000 of a £60,000 target. It offers a range of rewards for supporters – ranging from a £15 gift card to spend at the Stand4 Socks online store, for donations of £15 or more, to a half-day Tap Social Movement Brewery Experience in Kidlington, Oxon, for donations above £250.

More details at the crowfunder page.