Cooperatives Europe launches collaborative learning toolkit

The toolkit is part of Cooperatives Europe’s Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation (SCC) project

Cooperatives Europe has recently released a Community-Aware Research and Action toolkit for Collaborative Learning (Caracol).

The package is aimed at organisations willing to open collaborative learning spaces or improve their already existing spaces by involving various actors and communities through a shared learning framework.

Target groups include universities and higher education providers, students and citizens.

The toolkit can be used as a step-by-step guide, a checklist to follow in the process of developing academic curricula, engaging communities and designing collaborative spaces.

It forms part of Cooperatives Europe’s Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation (SCC) project funded through the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission.

SCC’s website also features an overview of existing higher education programmes (HEP) offering work based learning through coworking spaces/and or environment.

The toolkit was developed by the partners of the Erasmus project through co-design workshops that took place in early 2020.