Co-operative youth charity launches resources to reach new communities

Woodcraft Folk is designing new activities for those previously kept away by illness, distance or lack of transport

Woodcraft Folk an educational charity that encourages co-operation in young people  is launching summer activity packs to expand its membership.

The organisation says there are many communities it has never worked with, and has developed an ambitious strategy to reach the whole of the UK by 2025.

Woodcraft Folk activities are typically delivered through weekly group meetings in community centres and parks, as well as residentials and camps during the holidays. The age-specific “10 Things To Do” activity packs will allow children to create their own programme, wherever they are.

The pack comes in four versions for Woodchips (under six), Elfins (6-9), Pioneers (10-12) and Venturers (13-15). Each resource gives young people a choice of activity under 10 different themes, allowing them to shape their own programmes based on their interests, circumstances and abilities.

It’s hoped the resources will be used by new members who might not be able to access a group on a weekly basis due to health, distances or access to transport, as well as by existing members as a way to continue Woodcraft Folk activities through the school holidays. As a result, Woodcraft Folk hope to reach out to families in new communities where they haven’t been able to provide activities before.

Debs McCahon, Woodcraft Folk’s director of development and joint CEO, said: “A young person can pick up one of these resources and complete the different activities with family, friends or sometimes on their own. The activities offer a taster, and families could then book onto a national camp or event at one of our centres to take part in residential opportunities too.”

You can find out more about Woodcraft Folk and the types of activities they provide at and the new resources can be downloaded from