Co-op Party MP urges government to keep bee-killing pesticide ban

Luke Pollard says allowing the use of bee-killing pesticides could have catastrophic effects on the environment

Luke Pollard, shadow environment secretary and Labour/Co-opMP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, is calling on the government to reverse its decision to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides.

He has written a letter to the Prime Minister and is asking for people to co-sign the letter in support of his request.  

The letter says: “From sustaining pollination and the biodiversity of nature, to the overall wellbeing of the environment, a healthy bee population is essential to the future of our planet…

“Sadly, since 1900 the UK has lost 13 out of 35 native bee species, and the domestic population is once again threatened by the government’s decision to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides…

“Bee-health is non-negotiable, and allowing bee-killing pesticides to be used again could have a catastrophic impact on our environment.”

Luke Polland (Photo: Co-operative Party / Tehmoor Khalid / Krzysztof Kseba)

Mr Pollard told Co-op News: “Bees are an absolutely essential part of our ecosystem. Facing a climate and ecological emergency, it’s imperative we do everything we can to safeguard their wellbeing.

“I want to see farmers supported, but lifting the ban on bee-killing pesticides simply isn’t the answer given the significant risk to our domestic bee population.

“I’m delighted to see this issue rally the co-operative movement and that so many have called on the government to rethink their plans and maintain the ban on the use of these damaging bee-killing pesticides.”

Joe Fortune, general secretary of the Party, added: “Protecting the environment and tackling the existential threats it faces have long been at the heart of the co-operative movement.

“Co-operators like Luke Pollard MP in Parliament and tens of thousands of others across the country are coming together to take up that charge, and demonstrate what a force for good our movement can be.

“Bees aren’t just a symbol of our movement and our Party – they’re a vital part of our natural environment and I’m proud we’re playing an important role in protecting them.”

You can read and co-sign the letter on the Co-operative Party website.