Co-op Group joins international ‘Count Us In’ campaign on climate change

The campaign wants 1 billion citizens to reduce their carbon pollution and make a difference by working together

The UK’s Co-op Group has joined a worldwide campaign aiming to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis.

The Count Us In campaign aims to mobilise 1 billion people over the next ten years to take practical steps that, when aggregated, will make a significant impact in reducing carbon pollution and challenge leaders to deliver global systems change.

Steve Murrells, Co-op Group CEO, has called on the organisation’s colleagues and members to take part in the campaign and has pledged that he and his team will play their part in reducing their own carbon footprint.

“Global society is facing a monumental climate change crisis and just as the government need to be ambitious in delivering against its own commitments, we know we’ve got a critical role to play in delivering real change for a fairer world,” he said.

“The impact on lives and livelihoods in the UK and around the globe disrupted by the effect of global heating on weather patterns can be no longer ignored and the scale of the climate crisis means every one of us must act now as individuals, businesses, and communities.

“That’s why I am personally signing up to this pledge and I am encouraging all of my colleagues, Co-op members and customers to join me, because we know that when we work together, we can achieve bigger and better things.”

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Count Us In is made up of 16 steps, which have been selected with experts from the UN Environment Programme as being the most effective ways in which everyone can get involved to reduce carbon pollution, and influence politicians and businesses to drive solutions at a scale.

These steps include cutting down on food waste, repairing and reusing appliances, eating more plants, talking to friends and speaking up at work.

Ipsita Bhatia at Count Us In said: “We are thrilled and proud to have Co-op as a partner of Count Us In. It’s incredibly powerful to see Co-op engaging their colleagues, members and customers, to take steps to reduce their own carbon pollution and add up to something bigger, together.”

As part of its 10 point climate change action plan, the Co-op Group has already pledged to radically reduce the carbon that comes from its products and operations, to become a Net Zero business by 2040.