Channel Islands Co-op brings in milk vending machine for bottle refills

The move is part of the society’s drive to eliminate single-use own-brand plastic products and packaging

Channel Islands Co-op has taken another step to reduce plastic waste by installing a milk vending machine and glass milk bottles at its flagship Jersey store.

The society is working with local dairy Classic Herd on the project, which allows customers to buy glass bottles and refill them at its Grand Marché St Helier store.

It is the only supermarket on the island offering the service.

The first purchase – of a 1 litre bottle, filled with milk from the vending machine – is £2.50, paid at the store’s checkout. One return visits customers can refill the bottle, and pay only for the milk.

In a statement on its website, Channel Islands Co-op said: “Reducing the amount of plastic in our stores is something we are extremely passionate about and take very seriously.

“By introducing two milk dispensers in Grand Marché St Helier and offering the option to buy milk in glass bottles, we are reducing our plastic consumption and protecting the environment.”

It added: “We have set ourselves a target of making sure 80% of our plastic packaging is recyclable by 2020 and for all our own brand packaging to be easily recyclable by 2023. We also aim to eliminate single-use own brand plastic products and packaging by 2023.

“Protecting our environment, supporting sustainability, connecting with others and working with local producers are hugely important which is why we are championing this initiative with Classic Herd.”