BCCM launches Disability Inclusion Toolkit for co-ops and mutuals

BCCM encouraged co-ops and mutuals to use the toolkit to build more inclusive practices into their organisations

The Australian apex body for co-ops and mutuals has developed a toolkit to enable businesses to take the lead in promoting workplace diversity.

The Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) says its Disability Inclusion Toolkit will help employers increase the number of people with disability they engage; provide the necessary workplace adjustments and initiatives so people with disability can work effectively; and ensure that businesses are getting the greatest benefit from a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

BCCM chief executive Melina Morrison called on co-ops and mutuals to use the toolkit to build more inclusive practices into their organisations.

She said: “CMEs are naturally well-connected to their communities through their membership-driven business models. BCCM is acting on the evidence that retaining a diverse workforce leads to better business outcomes, and benefits for the wider communities that co-ops and mutuals operate in.

“Research shows that the CME sector is generally more inclusive of people with disabilities, which includes over 2.1 million Australians. In celebrating the International Day of People with Disability, we are working to continually break down the barriers to employment that people with a disability can face.”

The toolkit is based on the findings of research commissioned by BCCM from Per Capita , which evaluated the employment of people with disabilities in the co-operative and mutual sector. The toolkit is available here.