Annual Q&A: Ana Aguirre, president of the ICA Youth Committee

‘Beware everyone – it’s time to walk the talk with regards to the youth support agenda!’

How was last year for the International Cooperative Alliance Youth Committee? 

This last year was very exciting for the Youth Committee.

On the one hand, we managed to check all the items that were foreseen in the previous Youth Action plan.

On the other hand, we had elections for vice presidents, elections for members at large and presidential elections. This means that the current serving Youth Executive committee is renewed and energetic to work together in favour of the co-operative youth.

We have also built the 2022-2026 Youth Work Plan and shared it with the youth committee. We have even started to tackle some of the tasks and goals.

In terms of projects, it has also been quite prolific as we have closed the Replication Project, developed the toolkit to become a training programme and started to draft and develop initiatives that will unfold throughout the upcoming six months.

The regions have also contributed their share to making the youth committee more active and generate real local impact. More detail can be found on our website.

What are your hopes for the future?

The upcoming months will be hectic for the Youth Committee as there are a lot of activities in the making. 

To highlight some of the points in the Youth Work Plan:

Co-operative education and training will see some activity happening in a couple of initiatives co-led by the Youth Committee in collaboration with other relevant agents of the ICA co-operative universe.

There will be activities focused on research and understanding the role that digital transformation, IT development and technology in general is to play in the co-operative transformation and the everyday life of co-operatives and co-operators worldwide.

Finally, and probably the most important for the youth agenda in general, there is the aim to relaunch two very successful activities of the last few years, the Replication Project and the Global Youth Forum. In order to make this happen the youth committee will be reaching out to co-operative structures and organisations for support.

So beware everyone – it’s time to walk the talk with regards to the youth support agenda!

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