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End of year Q&A: Ana Aguirre, president, ICA Youth Committee

'We managed to have the first activities of the youth action plan in place and get…

Annual Q&A: Ana Aguirre, president of the ICA Youth Committee

'Beware everyone – it’s time to walk the talk with regards to the youth support agenda!'

Ana Aguirre is elected president of the ICA Youth Committee

'I look forward to working with all of you in taking aligned and strong action to…

Meet the ICA Youth Committee candidates

The candidates are Ana Aguirre, Leslie Alvarado, Linah Sohelo and Mabruck Mpangule

From the cradle … A co-op start to life

Co-ops are active in maternity, childcare, fostering, education and youth organising, bringing their values and principles…

Q&As for 2022: Sébastien Chaillou, president, ICA Youth Network

'I will continue to be a strong and active supporter for the youth in the co-operative…