Open 2019 gathering to discuss solutions for regenerative economy

A series of lightning talks will explore all aspects of building a collaborative, regenerative economy

This year’s Open Community Gathering (27-28 June) will feature two days of collaborative open space sessions on ways to develop the collaborative, regenerative economy.

Among those taking part is journalist and author Paul Mason, who will look at the role of the state and the UK government in the transition to a collaborative, regenerative economy.

The event will introduce a range distributed, co-operative, technical and social projects through a series of lightning talks – and those registered to attend can also join a free barbecue on 26 June, the evening before the event.

Sessions will explore concepts such as distributed co-operative organisations (DisCOs), software for co-operation, the Murmurations Plugin, citizens action networks, mutual credit, a platform co-op fund, P2P models and open source tools which enable people to organise.

The lightning talks will be followed by a session where participants can propose, refine and vote on the content for the rest of the two days’ sessions, with guidance from Enspiral network facilitators. Participants will work in small groups, debating and sharing ideas to the wider group.

To help participants shape the events, organisers have set up dot voting to define the open space sessions and tackle the calling question: How can we support each other to take more effective action to catalyse the collaborative, regenerative economy?

Those interested can also join the group for dinner and drinks in the evenings.

Earlier in June, the Open Co-op announced it was joining the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain’s boycott of the University of London, in solidarity with outsourced workers. As a result, the conference has changed venue to the event space at Tech City College.