Mondragon composes co-op ‘soundtrack’

Basque co-op brings together artists for collaborative cultural project

Mondragon Corporation, the federation of worker co-operatives based in the Basque region of Spain, has created a ‘soundtrack’ to the co-operative experience.  

Humanity at Music Sinfonia Kooperatiboa is a collaborative musical and cultural project which has produced an album of music and a book.

Musician Fernando Velázquez and lyricist Jon Sarasua were two of many collaborators on the project, which has also had input from numerous ‘bertsolaris’ performers of improvised rhyming songs in the Basque tradition.

The work is a project of cultural interco-operation to “tell, sing and feel the co-operative experience, a kind of soundtrack for this film of social and business adventures whose real protagonists are people,” said a Mondragon spokesperson.