European project to bring together managers of agricultural co-ops

Romanian managers will attend training sessions in Estonia, Greece and France as part of the scheme

Romanian co-ops are coordinating a European project to help managers of agri co-ops exchange best practices.

Led by the National Union of Vegetable Co-operatives (UNCSV), the project is spread across two years and will be run in partnership with institutions and experts in France, Greece and Estonia.

The first training session, in Athens, Greece on 20-26 November 2022, will look at strategic entrepreneurship and business in agricultural co-ops.

Estonia will host the second training session, in Tallinn on 12-13 March 2023, on how to ensure effective governance.

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The third session, in Lille, France on 26 November – 2 December 2023, will focus on managing relationships.

The managers of UNCSV member co-ops taking part in the three sessions will be able to learn from counterparts in the three host countries and visit local co-operatives.

The training programme will conclude with a conference in Bucharest that is expected to gather over 100 attendees.