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Key takeaways from Romania’s Enterprising for Tomorrow conference

The conference featured 36 Romanian and European speakers

Social economy conference preview: Enterprising for Tomorrow 2024

Over 150 participants from Romania and the European Union are expected to attend the event

Swedish agricultural co-op receives funding to expand operations in Romania

The co-op's Romanian subsidiary will build a state-of-the-art bakery facility in Bucharest

Romanian agri co-ops respond to Ukraine grain imports row

Romania’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will be issuing the import licenses for four products…

Romanian farm co-ops visit Israeli kibbutz movement for irrigation lessons

The 27 co-ops taking the tour hope to double the area of their land under irrigation…

Romania’s first non-bank financier for social enterprises gets nod from regulator

The national bank has given its authorisation to the Alternative FINancing Institution, which is looking to…

Romanian Parliament amends government emergency order on the social economy law

Legislators rejected a move to increase the share of profit that can be redistributed to members…

European project to bring together managers of agricultural co-ops

Romanian managers will attend training sessions in Estonia, Greece and France as part of the scheme

Agricultural co-operatives are on the rise in Romania

Romania is home to 4,041 agricultural co-operatives

Romanian renewable energy co-op to start distribution this month

The acquisition was funded by investment from the co-operative’s members and a loan from Som Energia…

Romanian renewable energy co-op to buy green energy supplier

The acquisition will be financed entirely by the co-operative’s members

First renewable energy co-op in Romania to start distribution in 2021

Launched in November last year, the co-op has so far recruited 300 members