Coop Switzerland offers over 1,000 apprenticeships

The retail co-op is also offering pre-integration apprenticeships for refugees

Around 1,130 young apprentices started their training at Swiss retailer Coop last month.

The co-operative, which employs over 3,000 apprentices, is one of the main vocational trainers in the country and offers apprentices a choice of 30 different roles in sales, logistics, administration, system catering, production and transport.

The training is being led by 2,000 vocational trainers and 30 full-time apprentice mentors. The co-operative also offers days off to enable apprentices to prepare for their final exam – which this summer saw 96.3% of apprentices pass.

Apart from traditional apprentices, Coop Switzerland has been offering pre-integration apprenticeships for refugees. Its one-year training programme prepared refugees for an apprenticeship in the retail trade or logistics, or their direct entry into the job market.

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So far 165 refugees have completed the programme, 32 of them this summer. In August alone 42 people have commenced their integration pre-apprenticeships with the retailer. In 2021 62% of participants were subsequently offered an apprenticeship at Coop.

The retailer has set a target of hiring 70% of its apprentices in the retail sector once they have completed their training.