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Cross-border traders finding strength in co-operatives

The co-op model offers protection and chance to pool resources for women trading between Rwanda and…

Central Co-op to offer debt-free degrees for colleagues and external candidates

The management course will cover modules ranging from communication and business finance to data analysis and…

Next steps for co-op alternatives in the gig economy

A report by the ILO highights the potential of platform co-ops like the UK's Chorlton Bike…

More Singaporean co-ops adopt the Tripartite Standards

Each standard – developed by the government with unions and employers – includes a set of…

Coop Switzerland offers over 1,000 apprenticeships

The retail co-op is also offering pre-integration apprenticeships for refugees

How co-ops offer hope to future generations

A report from Co-operatives UK sets out the issues of concern to the country's youth –…

Living our co-operative identity to make a sustainable future for all

'Co-operatives focus on long-term sustainability rather than profit for shareholders and wealth creation alone'

Californian worker-owned staffing agency carries out research into quality jobs

Turning Basin Labs, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, wants to create a framework for…

Co-ops and the SDGS: No.8, decent work

'The global co-op movement needs to be more open and look at other organisations with whom…

ILO centenary declaration highlights the role of social enterprises in the world of work

The International Co-operative Alliance welcomed the document’s message but called for a clear mention of the…

Should workers have a bigger stake in consumer co-ops?

'When you see an organisation where the workforce are engaged, you see a difference'

Looking after workers in a people-centred business

We speak to Amanda Gibbons, personnel manager at Heart of England Co-op