Coop Denmark to operate battery electric trucks

The trucks will be introduced in the first quarter of 2021

Coop Denmark is switching to battery electric trucks for its city operation distributions, as part of its climate strategy.

The largest retailer in the country, Coop Denmark has chosen fully electric battery-powered vehicles weighting 20 tonnes. Produced by Scania, the trucks are due to go into its operation in the first quarter of 2021.

So far, the retailer has purchased one 18-pallet truck with a refrigerator, which can run 140km on a charge, and takes about one hour to charge. The truck will be used in the Copenhagen area. If the pilot is successful, the retailer intends to buy another five or seven electric trucks to roll them out in other areas.

“We are putting solar cells on the roofs of our stores and warehouses, and the power that the sun is giving us must be used for lighting, heat pumps and now we test it on heavy traffic as well,” said supply chain director Nicolaj Boysen.

“Trucks that run on electricity do not make a noise. So the previous morning deliveries, where you now have to have the engine running in order to operate the lift, will be able to be carried out without so much noise and without discharging diesel particles, ” added Jakob Birk, director of Transport and Purchasing at Coop Denmark.

Mr Birk believes the new truck will be particularly beneficial for residents who live in flats above the Coop’s stores.

“The green transition in the transport sector is going too slowly,” added Mr Boysen. “We have, therefore, chosen to take the lead ourselves to boost development and show that it is feasible.” 

Scania plans to launch its new battery electric trucks later in 2020. The electricity they use is sourced from non-fossil energy. More than 30% of all energy used in Denmark comes from renewable sources.

“Scania continues to invest in and develop electrified solutions and we are beginning to reach the tipping point where electrified solutions for heavy commercial transport is a sound stand-alone investment for our customers. Coop’s sustainability aims match ours and we look forward to close co-operation as we together take these steps in electrification,” added Anton Freiesleben, sales director at Scania in Denmark. 

Coop Denmark has set the target to cut carbon emissions in its operations by 75% by 2025 and achieve a climate positive status by 2030, which would involve going beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to benefit the environment through its operations.