Starting in early 2021, Rebecca Harvey (exec editor, Co-op News) and Sarah Alldred (head of international partnerships, Co-op College) began a series of conversations with women in the co-op movement, from different sectors, in different parts of the world. How did they get involved in co-ops? Who inspired them along the way? What’s it like in the places that they have lived and worked?

The interviews evolved from the Co-op Women’s Challenge, and now take place on Zoom each month or so. All the videos will be uploaded to Youtube and embedded below – and if you would like to hear about the next events, keep an eye on the Women in Co-ops Facebook group, Co-op College and Co-op News social media, or email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.

Happy watching!

Jane Avery – president of Central Co-op, director at CASE and chair of Jasmine House Leicester Rape Crisis. (Interview: 22 February 2023)

Anna Tibblin – secretary general of We Effect (Interview: 26 January 2023)

Tiziana O’Hara – of Cooperative Alternatives (Northern Ireland) (Interview:15 November 2022)

Dame Pauline Green – former chief executive of Co-operatives UK and former president of the International Cooperative Alliance (Interview: 21 September 2022)

Heather Roberts – chair of the Co-operative Heritage Trust (Interview: 24 August 2022)

Luann Werner – deputy executive director of the US Overseas Development Council

Roz Henry – CEO of Co-operative Business New Zealand (Interview: 15 June 2022)

Melina Morrison – CEO of Business Councils of Cooperatives and Mutuals (Australia) (Interview: 10 March 2022)

Susanne Westhausen – CEO of Kooperationen, President of Co-operatives Europe and a vice-presdent of the ICA
(Interview: 17 February 2022)

Cheryl Barrott – vice-chair of Co-operatives UK, co-founder of Change AGEnts and much, much more!
(Interview: 26 January 2022)

Mirai Chatterjee – director of the Social Security Unit at the Self-employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India
(Interview: 24 November 2021)

Debbie Robinson – chief executive of Central England Co-operative
(Interview: 13 October 2021)

Ana Aguirre – co-founder of Tazebaez Cooperative and Vice President (Europe) of the ICA Youth Network.
(Interview: 11 August 2021)

Elaine Dean – vice-president of Central England Co-operative
(Interview: 1 June 2021)

Dr Sonia M. Dias – Waste Specialist at WIEGO, Brazil
(Interview: 25 May 2021)

Helen Wiseman – President of Midcounties Co-operative
(Interview: 20 April 2021)

Rose Marley – chief executive of Co-operatives UK
(Interview: 3 March 2021)

Simel Esim – head of the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit
(Interview: 10 February 2021)