Campaign to create a ‘10,000 strong’ network of young credit union professionals

The network’s first monthly meeting later this month will see 70 young people from across the globe come together online

The World Council of Credit Union’s youth programme has launched a ‘10,000 Strong!’ campaign in a bid to form the largest global network of young credit union professionals.

The World Council’s Young Credit Union Professionals network (WYCUP) began as a scholarship programme and now offers a platform for young credit union professionals and their advocates to connect internationally.

The campaign encourages people to join the WYCUP Affiliates Network and Council, which are open to all young credit union professionals and their advocates.

The WYCUP Affiliates Council is a monthly roundtable discussion among leadership from networks around the world, as well as advocates for young people in jurisdictions where formal networks do not currently exist.

With the launch of the 10,000 Strong! campaign, WYCUP has redesigned its website and will convene the first monthly meeting of the WYCUP Affiliates Council on 16 February. That gathering will include up to 70 representatives from local networks around the world.

In 2021, the WYCUP Affiliates Council is aiming to:

  • Strengthen communication channels between local networks
  • Support the formation of new local networks
  • Expand engagement opportunities and speaking roles for young people at virtual events
  • Promote an exchange of ideas to develop shared resources.

Thomas Belekevich, WYCUP director, said: “This is an exciting time for WYCUP as we work to bridge the leadership gap. After a year of separation, we’re coming back together stronger than before.

“That strength comes from recognising that our local efforts have a global impact when we collaborate effectively. WYCUP is expanding horizons by empowering youth to be part of the solution and – in the process – strengthening the relevance of financial co-operatives in the eyes of young professionals and members everywhere.”

WYCUP is bridging the leadership gap as part of Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions’ awareness and fundraising campaign called ‘Bridge the Gap,’ which aims to help the global credit union movement bridge four key inclusion gaps that have been further exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can sign up to the WYCUP Affiliates Network online here.