Cooperation Town puts out the call for Camden food networks

'Food co-ops offer a sustainable alternative to food banks, while helping to build members' confidence and increase community participation and resilience'

Food network Cooperation Town hosts a free an online event this week for people in Camden, north London, looking to set up a community food group.

Cooperation Town is based in Camden and offers support locally and national for food groups. Last year it secured funding from Camden Council and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to develop a local network of food co-ops across the borough, supported by a local food hub.

For this week’s event – on Friday, 21 January – Cooperation town is calling on local VCS organisations, tenants and residents asssociations (TRA), faith groups and other community groups to attend and “tackle food poverty”. They will have the chance to find out about the Cooperation Town model, learn about the local project and discuss how they could help set up a neighbourhood food co-op as part of their community offer.

Cooperation Town said: “Food co-ops are neighbourhood buying groups, where members buy food and other household products in bulk and, in addition, have access to free supermarket surplus.

“Food co-ops are run by members, who together decide what to buy and how to run the project. Co-op members save up to 40% off their weekly food costs by organising with their neighbours.

“Food co-ops offer a sustainable alternative to food banks, while helping to build members’ confidence and increase community participation and resilience.”

The event will present “a simple step-by-step guide to setting up a community-led food co-op at your centre, TRA hall, place of worship or school and offer practical support to interested organisations. In the break-out room, you will be able to discuss the next steps for your group, with the view to make a concrete plans.

A zoom link will be sent to registered attendees ahead of the event.

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