World’s first AI-created drink available in Migros stores

The recipe was developed by ChayGPT, while the branding is the creation of Midjourney and the Unreal Engine

Swiss retail co-op Migros is stocking the world’s first drink developed using artificial intelligence. 

“AI craft soda” Nini Nova was developed by ChatGPT, Midjourney and the Unreal Engine. Described as “100% natural”, the drink is made from water, lime juice, Haskap berry juice, ginger juice, chicory root powder and cane sugar.

The recipe was created by ChayGPT, while the branding is the work of Midjourney and the Unreal Engine.

“With just a few specifications, the artificial intelligence has created a recipe that picks up on current beverage trends: it is vegan and contains little sugar,” Migros said in a statement.

The company behind the product is Swiss beverage manufacturer Vivi Kola, who came up with the idea of using AI for a new beverage. According to Migros, the development of Vivi Nova took only two days. 

The new drink was developed in just two days (image: Migros)

“We bought all the ingredients, mixed them and carried out the first taste tests. And we had to admit: that can do something! We are enthusiastic about the taste of Vivi Nova and are pleased that the Migros Cooperative Zurich listed the drink!,” said Vivi Kola in a statement.

The drink was tested and bottled at a plant in Eglisau. Despite the role of AI in developing the branding and recipe for the drink, Vivi Kola says that experts with many years of knowledge also helped.

“We are impressed by the ability of artificial intelligence to identify current trends and generate creative content. Although artificial intelligence is an exciting form of assistance, during the process we felt confirmed that it cannot currently replace people,” added Vivi Kola.