Tamworth Co-op celebrates record year for local donations

Local churches, charities and groups have benefited from a number of fundraising initiatives

Tamworth Co-operative Society handed out a record £37,000 to local groups during 2018 and will start giving away more cash this spring when 13 good causes will benefit from its Community Dividend Fund.

Supporting the local community has been a key principle of the society since it was founded in 1886 – and last year’s record sum came from three fundraising initiatives.

Chief executive Julian Coles said: “We introduced the Community Dividend Fund nearly a decade ago and it is now a well-established scheme, not just in the town but the surrounding areas too.

“Each year, our 11 convenience stores, plus our town centre supermarket and main department store are paired with separate worthy causes. Shoppers who visit the branches can then choose to donate the dividend they earn from their purchases to the particular cause supported by the store. It is a classic case of money being raised in the community – by the community – for the community. Last year we distributed £10,000 from the fund.

“More recently, we launched our Cash in the Bag scheme, giving out £26,000 in the same year to 16 organisations, including schools, churches, conservation groups, scouts and guides. The money is raised from the 5p charge the government imposed on the sale of carrier bags in 2015.

“Hundreds of people again attended our popular Christmas Memorial Service and around £1,000 was put in the collection plates. We divided this amount between the Alzheimer’s Society and St Editha’s Church.”