Southern Co-op supports families affected by cancer

CLIC Sargent, which provides accommodation near hospitals for relatives of young patients, will receive £7,000

Southern Co-operative is helping Devon cancer charity CLIC Sargent with a £7,000 donation.

The donation comes from the society’s East Devon Crematorium, near Exeter, and will help families who have to go to Bristol Children’s hospital for cancer treatment.

Local CLIC Sargent fundraising engagement manager, Jordan Anderton, said: “I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of the East Devon Crematorium.

“This donation is truly life changing for families facing a childhood cancer and I can not thank them enough.”

While the average stay for an initial diagnosis and start of treatment is 30 days, the hospital can normally only accommodate one parent in their child’s room. The charity provides these families with a free room in its Homes from Home centre, just a short walk away, helping to reduce the financial, emotional and practical burden.

Mr Anderton said: “The money that was raised by the East Devon Crematorium could fund a room in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home for seven months – this is just incredible. Once again thank you for supporting CLIC Sargent.”

The donation was raised through a nationwide scheme run by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, which recycles metals that remain after cremation, with the express consent of bereaved families.

The proceeds are then returned to the crematorium who donates the money to local charities.

Crematorium manager Georgina Bembridge said:“The recycling of metals is done with the written consent of each bereaved family so it is from their generosity that we are able to make a difference to local causes.

“Cancer is a disease which can be devastating so it is incredibly important to have a charity like CLIC Sargent supporting young lives across our region. It is really heart-warming to know that the donation could take away some of the unnecessary stress when undergoing treatment.”

Southern Co-op has also recently donated £3,000 to a local football tournament Football for Cancer, which supports people affected by cancer in the Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth.