Southern Co-op supporting communities through Isle of Wight milk

Isle of Wight Milk will form part of Southern Co-operative’s Local Flavours range

Southern Co-op is extending its work with local suppliers by launching a new brand of Island milk across the Isle of Wight. 

Isle of Wight Milk was launched in three of Southern Co-op’s stores at the end of October and sold more than 4,400 litres in the first five weeks.

The new brand is produced at Read’s Farm in Carisbrooke and is processed at Briddlesford Lodge Farm as a way to protect the Island’s heritage, ensure farmers get a fair price and to reduce the impact on the environment by reducing travel distances.

Isle of Wight Milk is produced at produced at Read’s Farm in Carisbrooke

It joins the co-operative’s Local Flavours range a scheme which has been working with and supporting local food and drink producers since 2007.

“We had high hopes when we launched the milk and quite rightly as it has proven a huge success,” said Matt Elliott, from the Local Flavours team at Southern Co-op. “The community has really embraced the milk and shown their support of local producers […]  it is always great to be able to add new quality products to the range.”

Mark Reed, who runs Read’s Farm Partnership with mother his Kaysie and his wife Jodie, said: “In our worst year we were basically getting out of bed everyday just to lose money. We had to make some very difficult decisions.

“This new brand is about working together and ensuring a future for our family and our farm. It gives us hope. Our main goal is to look after our cows. If you look after them then they look after you.”

The milk costs £1.50 for a two litre bottle of either whole milk, semi-skimmed or skimmed and is now available at Southern Co-operative Food stores in Shanklin’s Regent Street, Sandown’s Avenue Road (petrol station), Rookley’s Main Road, Ryde’s West Street, Bembridge’s Sherbourne Street, Cowes’s Mill Hill Road, Carisbrooke’s High Street, Freshwater’s Avenue Road, and Freshwater’s Afton Road.

It is also available in Bembridge’s Welcome store in Lane End Court, Lane End.