Scottish co-op ANM continues eco-drive with new EV charging points

The auctioneering co-op also operates a solar and biomass heating system and is working to manage its waste more efficiently

Scottish auctioneering co-operative ANM Group has installed an additional nine electric charging points at its Thainstone Centre, as part of its efforts to boost sustainability

The investment brings the group’s total charging points to 17, placing it among the largest providers of electric vehicle charging points in north east Scotland.

The new chargers are available for staff use and will also accommodate the group’s plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle fleet, used by its auctioneers and procurement team when canvassing the north and north-east of Scotland, helping to reduce group emissions.

Out of the 17 charge points, eight are available to the public at 30pkw/hr with members of the co-operative charged at a reduced rate of 20pkw/hr. The chargers available are triple outlet eVolve rapid charger AC = 43KW and DC = 50KW, and 22KW dual outlet eVolve charger with a maximum output of 22KW.

ANM says it continues to invest in its sustainable practices across the Thainstone Estate to help cut emissions and improve energy efficiency as part of its Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy.

Solar panels and a biomass system installed at the Thainstone Centre ensure that the group’s heating and hot water is powered through clean, green energy. ANM Group is also taking steps to manage its waste more efficiently, with the installation of waste recycling and compactor facilities on site to reduce landfill.

CEO Grant Rogerson said: “Investing in our future is key to ANM Group’s values. In our 150th year we have launched our #ANMBeyond150 campaign, that will highlight the good work that is already underway in the industry to tackle the climate challenge head on and future-proof the industry for the next generations.

“As one of the only businesses in Aberdeenshire to host 17 electric charging points, we are delighted to be at the forefront helping to build an infrastructure for hybrid electric vehicles and continuing to support our sustainability plans for the next 150 years.”