Scotmid and Capital Credit Union celebrate partnership during Co-operatives Fortnight

The two Edinburgh-based co-ops met to mark over 20 years of financially empowering members

Scotmid Co-op and Capital Credit Union met during Co-operatives Fortnight (21 June – 4 July) to celebrate their partnership via the credit union’s payroll saving scheme.

Scotmid has been a member of Capital Credit Union, a member-owned financial service provider serving individuals and communities in Edinburgh and the Lothians, for over 20 years.

Through the partnership, Scotmid colleagues can make savings and access a range of financial products and financial education resources. 

“This longstanding partnership highlights the deep-rooted connection between these two Scottish organisations and the shared values that have fostered their successful co-operation”, said Scotmid. “As Co-op Fortnight celebrates the co-operative movement, the success of the Scotmid and Capital Credit Union relationship serves as a shining example of how organisations can unite to better serve their communities.”

Trudi Fisher, Scotmid’s community team administrator, joined Capital Credit Union’s payroll saving scheme to set aside funds for special occasions like Christmas, and in case of emergency car repairs. 

The savings are made directly through her salary. Trudi shared her experience of saving with Capital saying: “I use the monthly payroll savings scheme from Capital Credit Union. It was really easy to set up. I downloaded their app, went through the instructions, and they did all the rest. Their customer service is great, and they get back to you straight away if you have any queries.”

Abigail Ramage, business development executive at Capital Credit Union, said: “The collaboration between Scotmid and Capital Credit Union is a testament to the power of co-operative values and shared goals. We are proud to have Scotmid as a longstanding member of our credit union, and, together, we have been able to make a significant impact in empowering individuals and building strong, resilient communities.”