Peruvian co-op enters international market with organic quinoa exports

The deal has created up to 21% additional income for producers

Peru’s Cooperativa Agroindustrial Macchu Picchu has struck a deal worth around S/460,000 (£100,000) to export organic quinoa to France.

A first for the co-op  in Peru’s Apurímac region the deal is expected to benefit 400 producing families and gives Cooperativa Agroindustrial Macchu Picchu the chance to enter and compete in the international market.

It is the result of work between several organisations supporting Peruvian agriculture including PromPerú, the municipality of San Jerónimo and Sierra y Selva Exportadora a body run by the the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

“The deal has created up to 21% additional income for these producers,” said Sierra y Selva Exportadora president José Ezeta Carpio. He said the deal had come about after a concerted effort from Peruvian producers to focus on better quality control and optimising post-harvest processes, aided by Sierra y Selva Exportadora and PromPerú, who provided technical assistance.

The export amounts to 40 tons of Fairtrade and organic certified quinoa from the districts of San Jerónimo, Andapara, Chincheros, José María Arguedas and Andahuaylas, with a first shipment of 20 tons to depart this month, and a second to follow in October.