Obituary: Former Midcounties director Clive Booker, 1944 – 2023

‘We will all miss his co-operative spirit and unique sense of humour’

Clive Booker, who stepped down from the Midcounties board late last year, has died aged 78. Current director Barbara Rainford remembers a committed co-operator and his keen sense of humour.

My first memory of Clive was at a members’ day at our Midcounties store in Wem in Shropshire – that was over 12 years ago. He was on the Membership Strategy Committee for several years before he was elected to the board. When he lived in Wem he was a regular customer at the local co-op and he was our ambassador for the Shropshire Regional Community. He helped out at the society’s Funday every year and attended all the regional community events.

Clive had a wicked sense of humour. He was a member of the local district Lions Club and had a lion costume which he insisted on wearing at as many events as possible! 

He also took every opportunity to tell everyone about co-ops, the benefits of being a member, and the wonderful things co-operatives achieve because they are run for the benefit of our members, not corporate shareholders. 

Clive had no family (or so he thought) but in 2021 he found out he had a son in America – Mike – a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Happily, just before Christmas last year, Clive was able to visit Mike and spend some time with his newfound family.

A memorial service was held for Clive, attended by Mike and many of his friends in Shropshire, including colleagues at Wem and Bicton Co-op stores, and Midcounties’ directors and executives.

We will all miss his co-operative spirit and unique sense of humour.