International Summit of Cooperatives – Preview Day 2, Wednesday 12 October

The second day of the International Summit of Cooperatives will see delegates engage in discussions on innovation, sustainability and leadership.

Prior to the day’s first plenary session, delegates can choose to attend one of the four breakfast randez-vous. A conference breakfast and various randez-vous will also take place throughout the day for participants attending under the Young Leaders Program.

During the morning roundtable plenary session, delegates will hear from Charles Gould, director general of the International Co-operative Alliance; Prof Michel Séguin, of the University of Quebec at Montreal; Gianluca Salvatori, chief executive of EURICSE; Howard Brodsky, chief executive, chair and co-founder of CCA Global Partners in the USA; Hilde Vernaillen, chief executive of P&V Group in Belgium; and Michel Prugue, president of Coop de France. The session will examine whether the co-operative business model has gained recognition with the launch of the co-operative marque.

Yves Morieux, senior partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group, will also deliver a keynote presentation of six rules for smart simplicity in organisations. He will propose practical steps to make organisations simpler and smarter.

Mr Morieux will then join other panellists in a second roundtable on the future of work in an evolving digital world. Other contributors include Oskar Goitia, vice president, Mondragon, Spain; Alain Fradin, chief executive, Crédit mutuel, France; David Roberts, chair, Nationwide Building Society, United Kingdom; and André Chatelain, senior vice president, Personal Services and Desjardins Group Marketing Executive Division, Desjardins Group, Canada.

The day will continue with simultaneous forums looking at increasing the sector’s capacity to act and adaptation to new business realities. The first forum will focus on developing a culture of innovation, with a presentation from Terry Stuart, chief innovation officer at Deloitte in Canada. Eric BRAT, associate researcher at Alphonse and Dorimène Desjardins International Institute for Cooperatives, HEC, Canada, will also talk about the results of a study about innovation priorities and practices in co-operatives.

The second forum will provide an insight into the concept of frugal innovation, developed by author and innovation adviser Navi Radjou. He will describe how organisations can address a well-defined need in the simplest and most efficient manner, using minimum resources.

A third forum will explore how the world of work is changing as a result of the digital era. The keynote speech will be delivered by Simon Dolan, professor at ESADE Business School of Barcelona, Spain.

Two other forums will assess the economic reality of co-operatives in start-up or expansion phase and the role of co-operatives in driving social chance within their communities.

ICA's Charles Gould will be talk about the GRACE16 study
ICA’s Charles Gould will be talking about the GRACE16 study

A sixth forum will look at the nature of co-operative capital, highlighting the findings of the report the Capital Conundrum for Cooperatives published by the International Co-operative Alliance. The Alliance has established the Blue Ribbon Commission on Co-operative Capital, which addresses issues and solutions for capitalisation and financing. The forum will focus on the progress of work and new ideas that come out from practitioners on how to solve this conundrum. Speakers include Kathyn Bardswick, chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission and president and chief executive of the Co-operators Group in Canada; Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives UK and Peter Hunt, managing partner at Mutuo.

Delegates at the summit can also learn about a new report by Forbes Insights and EY, which investigates how organisations are deriving value from their data and analytics initiatives. In another form, Christopher Mazzei, chief analytics officer, Global Analytics Center of Excellence, EY, United States, will highlight how businesses embed analytics into their day-to-day decision making. He will be joined by Mathieu Staniulis, young leader and director, Personal Services Redesign Program Administrative Department, Desjardins Group, Canada; and other panellists, including Ben Reid, chief executive of the Midcounties Co-operative; Frantz Rublé, President of Euro-Information, Crédit mutuel, France; Thierry Martel, chief executive, Groupama, France; and Tarun Bhargava, deputy general manager, Cooperative Relations, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Coop Ltd. (IFFCO), India.

The eighth forum will present the preliminary findings of GRACE16, a study about how C-Commerce and digitisation could transform the co-operative sector. Panellists include Charles Gould, director general of the International Co-operative Alliance, Fotis Filippopoulos, Founder, Strategic Innovation Specialist, Shakesteer, Greece.

In addition to the eight forums, delegates who registered in advance can attend the Agropur sponsored lunch, where they will hear from Robert Reich, chancellor’s professor of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, and former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. He will provide an insight into current issues such as growth, employment crisis, access to health care, energy, and austerity measures.

The conference will carry on with simultaneous sectoral meetings on agriculture and agri-food industries; insurance; banking and financial services; health and social services; wholesale and retail trade; industry, services and energy; and forestry.

Delegates wishing to take part in a multisector activity can instead attend a session on the challenges and opportunities within the collaborative economy.

The day will end with a closing interview with Alain Fradin, chief executive of Crédit mutual; keynote speaker Navi Radjou; Charles-Hugo Maziade, young leader and project manager from the Coopérative Forêt d’Arden in Canada; and International Co-operative Alliance president, Monique Leroux.

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