IFFCO and ICA Africa agree a memorandum of understanding to empower farmers

The agreement was signed at a dinner hosted by IFFCO during the ICA International Conference

India-based IFFCO, the largest agricultural co-operative in the world, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Cooperative Alliance – Africa (ICA Africa), promising to work together to help train members co-operative practices.

The occasion took place at a dinner hosted by IFFCO during the ICA International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, on Tuesday 15 October. The memorandum emphasises co-operation among co-operatives, and promises to promote new agri-input products field trials for mutual benefit.

“This memorandum of understanding will also help to empower farmers in Africa by organising various cultural integration programs, farmer training programs and encouraging the overall development of both farmers and their cooperatives,” said Dr US Awasthi, IFFCO managing director. 

He praised ICA Africa as hosts of the conference, and the way the co-operatives have come together for the event. “The IFFCO team has been discussing various matters related to cooperative development across the globe, and the role of IFFCO in this,” he said.

Dr Awasthi confirmed that while in Rwanda, he had met “various global co-operative leaders,” to further international cooperation, including Mr. Hironori Hijioka, ED, Central Union of Agriculture Cooperatives, JAZenchu of Japan.