ICMIF announces AI initiatives for the insurance mutuals sector

Swiss insurer Die Mobiliar has introduced Mobi-ChatGPT, and a new platform from EY could offer the sector ‘the transformative power of AI’

Swiss insurance mutual Die Mobiliar has introduced Mobi-ChatGPT, saying the move will support staff in their work and improve customer service.

Die Mobiliar is a member of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (Icmif), which announced the innovation to its network.

Icmif says the tech means Mobiliar employees can “use the advantages of ChatGPT in compliance with data protection regulations. Mobiliar is making use of artificial intelligence to support employees in their tasks and ensure first-class customer service.”

Mobi-ChatGPT, which is based on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, can create, edit or summarise texts, provide ideas, answer questions and much more.

“I am pleased that we have found a solution so quickly to take advantage of ChatGPT and protect our data at the same time,” said Mobiliar CEO Michèle Rodoni. “Mobi-ChatGPT can make our employees’ work easier internally. This is exactly how we want to use technology: for us, the focus is always on people.”

The insurer has already been using artificial intelligence (AI) for several years. Customers who record a claim online are supported by artificial intelligence; emails that arrive at the subsidiaries Mobi24 and Protekta are forwarded on by AI; and Mobiliar uses AI to ensure its terminology is used correctly in all of its corporate languages.

Mobiliar says further applications for ChatGPT are in the pipleline, with 90 suggestions from employees were submitted within a few weeks which will now be reviewed.

Icmif has also advised insurance mutuals of the creation of a new platform by its supporting member Ernst and Young (EY), “to help clients transform their businesses through confident and responsible adoption of AI”.

EY has invested $1.4bn in the EY.ai platform, which “leverages leading-edge EY technology platforms and AI capabilities, with deep experience in strategy, transactions, transformation, risk, assurance and tax, all augmented by a robust AI ecosystem”.

EY global chair and CEO Carmine Di Sibio said: “AI’s moment is now. Every business is considering how it will be integrated into operations and its impact on the future. However, the adoption of AI is more than a technology challenge. That’s why EY teams help clients identify how to capture the transformative power of AI from every seat at the boardroom table and across the enterprise. It’s about unlocking new economic value responsibly to realise the vast potential of this technological evolution.”

Accompanying the launch is comprehensive learning programme from EY that “elevates and expands the AI skills of EY people, including the responsible use of AI”.

EY says the platform “brings together an AI ecosystem encompassing a range of business, technological and academic capabilities in AI. This includes leading-edge alliances with some of the world’s most innovative organisations, including Dell Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow, Thomson Reuters and UiPath – as well as other emerging leaders that are defining the future of AI.”