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Credit unions and AI: Filene looks at potential of text generative tech

The study highlights two ways in which credit unions can implement TextGen AI tools and technologies

Key takeaways from the Practitioners Forum 2023

The event featured up to 20 sessions across five specialist forums: membership, governance, finance, human resources…

Platform co-op looks to show a better way forward on AI

As experts warn of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence, Cosy AI looks to create a…

Co-ops, generative AI and the creative industries

How co-ops are responding to the challenges and opportunities posed by AI in the creative sector

How are co-ops dealing with AI and the retail revolution?

We speak to analyst Emma Howard - of Co-operatives UK, East of England Co-op, and Open…

ICMIF announces AI initiatives for the insurance mutuals sector

Swiss insurer Die Mobiliar has introduced Mobi-ChatGPT, and a new platform from EY could offer the…