Have a co-op Christmas: Part two of our ethical gift guide

More fabulous gifts from co-op traders

The Co-op News 2021 Christmas Gift Guide is back with more gifts under £5 and £10, as well as our top picks for subscription gifts, all from co-ops and ethical businesses.

Vegetable sowing guide mug, £9.95,  ethicalshop.org

Coconut thumb piano, £7.95, ethicalshop.org

Willsow plantable children’s books, £9.99,  willsow.com

Recycled notebook from Malawian women’s co-op Pamette, £9, reduced from £10.50, cycleofgood.com

Chocolate espresso body butter bar, £7.95, wearthlondon.com

Alter/Native soap, shampoo and conditioner bars from Suma Cooperative, £3.50-£4.95adamandeco.com

 Tony’s Chocolonely Christmas bars, £3.98tonyschocolonely.com

 Mulled wine and cider spice kit, £3.70, wearthlondon.com

Recycled brass chime christmas tree, £4.99, ethicalshop.org

And for the gift that keeps on giving, check out the following subscriptions….


Boundary is a Belfast-based co-operative brewery with over 1,400 members. They offer a selection of beer subscriptions ranging from £35 to £40 per month. Members of the co-op receive a discount, as well as being able to run and vote for Boundary’s board of directors. 



Edinburgh micro chocolate factory Ocelot produces artisan chocolate bars in beautifully designed and fully compostable wrappers. They work with bean-to-bar suppliers who pay more than the minimum Fairtrade standard to farmers. Ocelot also make a bar called Femme, made from rare Amelonado cocoa beans grown by the world’s first female cacao co-operative. Ocelot’s chocolate subscription is £22 per month.


Spice Kitchen UK

Spice Kitchen UK is an award-winning venture run by a mother and son team who offer a range of spice subscription services. Their Avid Adventurer subscription is £40 for three months’ worth of spices from India, Africa and the Middle East, or around the world.


Zed Bees

Manchester-based Zed Bees is a family run business on a mission to deliver low waste, sustainable toiletries to customers. They aim to help more people make the switch from plastic based products in a hassle free and affordable way through their online shop and subscription service. Their Eco-friendly bathroom essentials subscription is £10 per month and contains organic soaps, shampoo bars and toothpaste tablets. 


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