Dubai’s Union Coop to phase out single-use plastic bags

Dubai’s Executive Council will introduce a tariff on single-use plastic bags from next month

Union Coop is limiting the sale of single-use plastic bags from July, in line with the Executive Council of Dubai’s move to introduce a tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 2022, building to an outright ban in two years’ time.

From 1 July all retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and e-commerce deliveries in Dubai, will have to charge 25 fils (0,25 dirham/ 0.054) on single-use bags.

The co-op, which is the largest in the UAE by turnover, announced the change in May, saying its customers will be able to choose between a range of alternatives to single-use plastic bags.

“Consumers do not have to worry about anything as Union Coop will offer them several options instead of single-use plastic bags, including cloth bags that can be used multiple times,” said admin affairs director Mohammed Berregad Alfalsi. “ The best part is that these are washable and recyclable.”

The co-op will be leading a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic bags, and will examine customers’ feedback on the initiative during its implementation.