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Union Coop Dubai to support housing provider with social care programmes

The retail co-op says it will support housing solutions for Emirati families facing financial challenges

Dubai’s Union Coop signs agreement with World Wildlife Fund

The co-op will support the work of Emirates Nature-WWF as part of its wider social responsibility…

UAE’s new co-op law comes into effect in December

The government hopes the reforms will boost the sector's contribution to GDP and grow its membership

Sharjah Co-operative: At the heart of its community in the UAE for 40 years

'Our mission and target is different from that of all the other competitors around us, we…

Dubai’s Union Coop to phase out single-use plastic bags

Dubai’s Executive Council will introduce a tariff on single-use plastic bags from next month

UAE Ministry of Economy partners with ICA-AP to grow the co-op sector

The initiative is part of the government’s efforts to diversify the country’s economy

UAE changes law to allow co-ops to be listed on financial markets

'Co-operatives are a successful economic model that can be built upon and developed'

Covid-19 updates: 26 March

Here's some of today's news from co-ops and their response to the Covid-19 crisis

Co-ops around the world get ready for coronavirus disruption

Updates from the retail and credit union sectors in Canada, the US and Dubai

Union Coop will work with UAE to maintain elderly people’s homes

'This would promote social solidarity as well as co-operation between the two sectors to enhance our…

UAE retail co-op Umm Al Quwain to sell AED50m worth of stocks to the public

'The main objective of offering stocks for public trade is to increase capital to invest, implement…

UAE’s Union Coop launches new online shopping service

The site currently offers household appliances and electrical goods but there are also plans to begin…