Coop Sweden named the country’s greenest brand

The retailer is perceived by customers as the country’s greenest brand

Coop Sweden is the greenest brand in its country, according to a new survey by the consulting company Differ.

The research also confirmed that the retailer’s Änglamark brand, which includes eco and organic products, is a strong favourite among consumers.

“We are very proud that Coop and Änglamark continue to be strong brands. That we win awards as the greenest brands, we see as proof that Coop’s persistent and long-term work to offer sustainable food and services is noticeable among Sweden’s consumers,” said Charlotta Szczepanowski, head of sustainability and quality at Coop Sweden.

The survey asked consumers to name Sweden’s greenest brand in several different industries. When these scores were added up Coop Sweden came on top of the rankings.

Consumers were also asked to say which brand they considered to be the greenest in the country, with the majority pointing towards Änglamark, which has been winning in this category for ten years in a row.

Coop Sweden was also ranked first in the grocery category and the banking sector.

“At Coop, we know that we must act sustainably in order to be perceived as sustainable by our customers,” added Ms Szczepanowski.

“This year, we look forward to launching Coop’s sustainability declaration on all foods. Through the sustainability declaration, customers will be able to see the impact the goods have on the earth’s resources, climate and society – we believe this will be a great help for our customers to make even more sustainable choices.”

The survey included more than 1,000 respondents aged 15-74.