Coop Sweden launches online farm shop

The online store features 25 producers offering more than 100 different products

Ordering straight from local producers is now possible when shopping from Coop Sweden.

The Scandinavian retailer has launched an online farm shop where shoppers can buy from local farmers. Goods include jams, pies, meat, ice cream, as well as organic milk and eggs.

The online store features 25 producers offering more than 100 different products. The project is currently at the pilot stage and Coop Sweden plans to increase the number of producers and products available.

“We are now opening up as a platform where local small scale food producers can easily sell their goods,” said product manager Claes Hessel, adding that the online shop is a win-win.

Producers can access the retailer’s e-commerce platform while consumers get to enjoy unique local produce.

“It feels very exciting for us as a small local company to join the large platform that Coop offers,” said Åsa Levén, founder Säby Gård Ingarö, which sells limited editions of cold pressed rapeseed oil via the platform. “It is difficult to reach out to that many customers when you are a small player. Coop Sweden’s new online farm shop benefits everyone, the customers who can easily order local food delicacies from small-scale producers, and the producers who we have the opportunity to reach out to more consumers.”

“I am proud to be a supplier to Coop’s online farm shop,” said Pia Lindvall, founder of Gutö Delicatessen. “I now have the opportunity to direct my web customers to a place where they can easily buy my pickles.”

For now, the online farm store is available to two million customers in Stockholm and Mälardalen. If the project – the first of its kind in the country – is successful Coop Sweden extend the service to other areas.