Dairy co-op makes beautiful moo-sic in new video

Organic Meadow, a Canadian agricultural co-op best known for its organic dairy products, has launched its own music video.

When I was a young man, I bought my daddy's farm;
I worked the fields in the usual way, but something just felt wrong;
So I got into organic, taking good care of the land;
Now I work the farm responsibly, giving nature a helping hand.

Those are the first four lines of Clean Livin', the song featured in a lively new music video by Organic Meadow, an Canadian agricultural co-op owned by about 100 organic dairy, egg and grain farmers.  

The song is sung and played on guitar by Ted Zettel, general manager of Organic Meadow; it was written by his son, Ted Zettel Jr. The video was shot last June at a farm in Ontario and everyone in it is either an Organic Meadow member or employee.

Jennifer Whiting, Organic Meadow's product manager, said the video received an excellent response at the co-op's Annual General Meeting in August, but that they decided to wait until people were back from summer holidays to launch it on YouTube and their website. She said it will also be shown at Organic Meadow booths at fairs and other events, such as the Green Living Show in Toronto.

The video can be seen on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA9CxWUXHEo

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