Co-op Group asks young members how they want to communicate

The findings reveal a real shift away from traditional news media to online channels

The Co-op Group has been consulting its young members on the ways they like to receive information so that it can communicate with them more effectively.

The retailer’s Young Members’ Group asked young people how they access their news and what they like to hear about.

In a blog post on the society’s website, the Young Members’ Group said: “According to our research, over 52% of young members primarily get their news through social media, with website and news apps being the preferred sources for a further 27%, signalling a real shift away from traditional news media.

“And it’s ‘food’, ‘environment’ and ‘business’ that tops their list of the kind of news they’re most eager to hear.”

Through the consultation, younger members have been encouraged to get involved through the Co-op Join In section of the Group’s website, and through its social media channels.

The Young Members’ Group also did its own research, sharing the findings with the retailer’s director of communications,.

“We’re now working together on a number of pilot projects to test some of the hypotheses we generated,” it added.

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