Principle 5 launches software for developing co-op diagrams

The CoopsMap tool uses PowerPoint as a platform and is aimed at academics, students, co-op consultants and journalists

The Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre, also known as Principle 5, has launched a suite of software tools to provide a standardised, diagrammatic approach to documenting co-operatives.

The Co-opsMap tool enables users to quickly and easily develop diagrams using Microsoft PowerPoint as a platform. The software provides a range of diagram templates, enterprise galleries and relationship galleries.

Principle 5, which is based in Sheffield, provides information and educational support to new and existing co-ops. The Co-opsMap tool is aimed at academics, students, co-operative consultants and educationalists or journalists.

Co-opsMap products cannot be purchased, or licensed to use, by the general public. To acquire and maintain the right to use a Co-opsMap product, a person or an organisation must be a member of Principle 5, at a service level which corresponds to the use of that product.

Principle 5 is looking to work with co-operative organisations and individual co-operators who are interested in helping to promote and improve diagrammatic analysis, design and documentation of co-operative movements.

Examples of a diagram designed using the Co-opsMap tool

Steve Wagstaff, developer of Co-opsMap and secretary of Principle 5, said: “Since its formation about three years ago, Principle 5 has recognised the importance of education and research within the co-operative movement, as a contribution to the development of the co-operative commonwealth.

“Co-opsMap will be a useful tool for co-operators to increase their understanding of the movement.”

Mr Wagstaff invited those interested to contact him with their queries, comments and suggestions, especially if they would like to participate in a Co-opsMap user forum. Email: [email protected].

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