Unimed launches new digital services for patients in Florianópolis

The Brazilian medical co-op has teamed up with HPE to introduce new technology as part of a post-pandemic rethink

Unimed Grande Florianópolis, a local branch of medical co-op Unimed, is offering a new range of digital services to members.

The branch, which provides healthcare services in the Santa Catarina state in Brazil, started rethinking its healthcare delivery in light of the surge in admissions and demand for services after pandemic. It started a digital transformation as part of a plan to create digital touchpoints for patients and extend the reach of its healthcare provision. 

Measures included modernising its existing technology environment to support new projects, digitise patient records and simplify the sharing of critical data among different healthcare teams.

This includes the launch of Doctor-U, a network of telemedicine kiosks open 24/7, where patients can contact a doctor and register a range of health indicators, including BMI, blood pressure and heart rate. All interactions with Doctor-U are logged on a patient’s health record. The branch plans to roll out the kiosks statewide to relieve the burden on medical staff, and as a triage for more serious complaints.

The branch also provides a patient app providing access to medical records and appointments, giving medical teams access to the information they need to work remotely.

The new services were developed in partnership with technology provider HPE GreenLake to create a private cloud with a pay-per-use financial model.  

“The performance improvement is undeniable,” said Leandro Morales, IT infrastructure specialist at Unimed Grande Florianópolis. “With HPE GreenLake we’ve also seen a significant leap in project activity with a much faster response to new projects and ideas. Previously, provisioning new resources could take days and now this can be done in five minutes. It’s a far more agile way of working.”

“We are thrilled to have been able to design a system that meets the specific and exacting needs of a leading healthcare provider like Unimed Grande Florianópolis,” said Ricardo Emmerich, managing director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brazil. “We embarked on the project knowing that we needed to offer maximum reliability in a challenging financial framework and thanks to HPE GreenLake, we are proud to be a part of improving patient outcomes across Unimed’s healthcare network.”