relaunched ahead of the International Year of Cooperatives 2025 was first run in 2012 as part of a global, digital campaign to disseminate information about the co-operative model

The International Cooperative Alliance, the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises and DotCooperation have joined efforts to relaunch

Originally launched during the International Year of Cooperatives in 2012, the platform was part of a global, digital campaign to disseminate information about the co-operative model, its values and principles and its impact on local communities. Throughout the year, it published a story each day to highlight the work of co-ops.

With the platform being relaunched ahead of the second International Year of Cooperatives, due to be celebrated in 2025. co-ops can submit stories for publication. 

“It was just wonderful timing that we were launching it now ahead of the International Year of Cooperatives next year. We’re going to sort of really start building the momentum,” said Tom Ivey, community development manager at DotCooperation.

The three organisations involved in the project hope to expand local and global awareness of the impact co-operatives have in every sector; give the global co-operative community a platform to celebrate their achievements; and promote the co-operative model as a viable option to improve social, economic, and environmental challenges everywhere. The platform will be updated regularly.

“We’ve built this tool now and it’s really in the hands of the community to be able to use it,” added Ivey. “We’ve made this platform available so now the community can go forward and use it as a way to really promote themselves and celebrate themselves to draw awareness to what they’re doing. It’s another channel, particularly for those resource-strapped co-operatives that don’t have enough people or time to be able to really invest in a communication strategy. This is a shortcut for them, and an opportunity for them to become visible.”

Anyone can submit stories about their co-operative or the people within their co-operative community. While submissions must be in English, the website will automatically translate the published stories into 10 languages. Those wishing to submit stories can use the platform’s storytelling guide for advice on how to structure their story. Organisations and individuals submitting stories are also encouraged to share their social media handles to help promote these once they get published. The ICA, Euricse and DotCoop will also promote the stories on their social media accounts.

“The more success that grows out of it, the more input that we have, the more we’re going to be able to invest in it and hopefully be able to just build and grow. We’re off to a good start,” said Ivey.

More than 20 stories have already been submitted via the platform since its relaunch.